Modular Classrooms

Calm learning spaces

The calming, echo-free environment in our classrooms appeals to students and teachers alike, and wins praise from Ofsted.

Economical to run

Natural insulation ensures comfort throughout the year plus low running costs. And our classrooms have an indefinite lifespan with only minimal maintenance.

Occupation within weeks

We can respond quickly to challenges such as rapidly increasing enrolment or the need to offer new facilities, with delivery within weeks of your order.

Contemporary option

As well as our traditional Scandinavian-style classrooms, we now offer Inovar – a different, distinctively contemporary, look that offers even faster construction.

Calm learning spaces

Our log cabin environment really appeals to students, which is perfect for encouraging learning as well as good behaviour. OFSTED has praised the calming, echo-free atmosphere in our classrooms, while adults find it a pleasure to work in them.

Economical to run

There are powerful material benefits, too. The freedom from draughts and the high level of natural insulation keeps running costs down, and the immense strength of our rigid log construction technology means your classroom will have an indefinite lifespan with only minimal maintenance – and no redecorating.

Occupation within weeks

The flexible spaces and speedy construction enable to you respond rapidly to changes in circumstances at your school. Our rapid delivery and erection (even faster with our Inovar option – see below) will have your classroom in action within weeks of your order. It’s easy to install services (e.g. toilets, kitchens), and we can prepare the internal surfaces for graphics, whiteboards, IT displays, data, etc.

Prefer a contemporary look?

Our Inovar range offers a different, distinctively contemporary, look and exciting new design options. Plus even faster construction and less on-site disruption. In most cases, once your site has been prepared we can deliver our Inovar classrooms as pre-assembled modules – in just one day. We then only need to visit for the finishing, which is mainly internal. Click on the video below which demonstrates the whole process from manufacture to delivery.


'A really productive learning environment.'

Tracy Cornelius

'Highly impressed with the quality of construction, and the log buildings have a calming effect on students’ behaviour.'

Alastair Graham

Most frequently asked questions

Do you install all over the country?

Over the last 20 years there are probably very few areas that we have not installed a building and we are geared up to work nationwide

Can I modify one of your standard designs?

We manufacture all our buildings individually, so we have extensive scope to customise the design to your special requirements.

Do I need to employ an architect?

In most cases no, which is one of the great advantages of our service. We can build to your architect's design if you have one, or we can provide an optional design service for a fee.

Do your logs come from sustainable forestry?

All our logs come from Northern Scandinavia, where replanting to ensure sustainability is a legal requirement. The cold climate means the trees grow very slowly, giving a very strong, close-grained log.

Will my Norwegian Log building arrive in one piece or in panels?

We assemble most of our buildings on site log by log, which enables us to access the most awkward sites. We will deliver your building to your site in wrapped packs, which we unload in bulk by forklift or carry as individual logs for ease of access. A walkway down the side of your house or a straight run through your house should be sufficient. We’ll inspect your site to confirm that access is suitable. If there are no restrictions on access, we can pre-assemble some buildings in the factory and deliver them to your site in convenient modules.

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Contact us to make an appointment at our headquarters in Reading or discuss your requirements to find the building that's right for you.

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Prefer something a little more contemporary?

Inovar is the new contemporary garden room concept from Norwegian Log Buildings. They are garden rooms with a stunning contemporary design and performance – perfect for your home office, gym, studio or music room.