Frequently asked questions

The questions and answers listed below relate to Norwegian Log's products in general. You will find specific FAQs under individual product ranges.

Do your logs come from sustainable forestry?

All our logs come from Northern Scandinavia, where replanting to ensure sustainability is a legal requirement. The cold climate means the trees grow very slowly, giving a very strong, close-grained log.

How are your logs treated?

All our logs are first kiln-dried to ensure a low moisture content. This reduces shrinkage and settlement. Once erected, all our buildings receive a coat of microporous natural oil preservative in your choice of colour, followed by a further coat of UV protection.

Will I need to re-treat my Norwegian Log building?

All wood products need maintenance to keep their lustre and to protect them from ultraviolet light, wind and rain. When you join our optional service plan, we will advise you when your building requires a new coat of stain. With proper maintenance, your building will have an indefinite life span. There are log houses in Norway that are centuries old.

Will I have any difficulty insuring my Norwegian Log building?

Our logs have a ½-hour fire certificate carried out by TRADA (Timber Research and Development Association) to a British Standard. Our clients have had no difficulties in obtaining insurance. Note that if your building requires Building Regulations approval, the structure must conform to all requirements under Building Control, including fire resistance.

Will my Norwegian Log building arrive in one piece or in panels?

We assemble most of our buildings on site log by log, which enables us to access the most awkward sites. We will deliver your building to your site in wrapped packs, which we unload in bulk by forklift or carry as individual logs for ease of access. A walkway down the side of your house or a straight run through your house should be sufficient. We’ll inspect your site to confirm that access is suitable. If there are no restrictions on access, we can pre-assemble some buildings in the factory and deliver them to your site in convenient modules.

Is my Norwegian Log building guaranteed?

All our buildings have a full five-year warranty, provided they are maintained to our recommendations. You can extend the warranty to 25 years when you join our optional warranty inspection plan.

Do I need Planning Permission for a building in my garden?

In most cases, no, provided it satisfies all the criteria for Permitted Development. Outbuildings are considered to be permitted development, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The outbuilding is not to the side of a house on designated land (includes national parks and the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, conservation areas and World Heritage Sites). Note that outbuildings are permitted development within the grounds of a listed building.
  2. The outbuilding is not forward of the principle elevation of the original elevation of the house.
  3. The outbuilding and other additions must not exceed 50% of the total area of land around the original house. Sheds and all other outbuildings and extensions to the original house must be included when calculating this 50% limit.
  4. The outbuilding must not itself be separate, self-contained living accommodation.
  5. The outbuilding is single storey with a maximum eaves height of 2.5 m and a maximum overall height of 4 m with a dual pitch roof, or 3 m in any other case.
  6. If the building is within 2 m of the property boundary, the whole building must not exceed 2.5 m in height.
  7. Any veranda is no higher than 300 mm.

We strongly advise that you check with your local Planning Office before proceeding. If you want to avoid all planning issues, take a look at our Inovar garden buildings. They feature a different, distinctively contemporary, look, and fall within the 2.5 m height limit for planning close to boundaries. Read more about Inovar and our unique I-Key joint, our major advance in log technology, here.

If I need Planning Permission, can you obtain it for me?

Upon acceptance of our quotation we’ll inspect your site and tell you whether we think you’ll need Planning Permission. If so, we can handle the application on your behalf for a fixed fee. In any case, we’ll always obtain written confirmation from the local authority before proceeding.

Will my building require Building Regulations approval?

Provided your building's internal floor area is less than 15 m2, or 30 m2 if it is more than 1 m from a boundary, Building Regulations should not apply. We strongly advise checking before proceeding. Buildings over 30 m2 require a full Building Regulations application, which we can handle for you.

Do I have to prepare my own base?

If you wish. We’ll provide a drawing and specification for the base when we receive your order. Or we can handle it for you. Our service includes providing a quotation for the base and associated works once we’ve inspected your site.

Can I modify one of your standard designs?

We manufacture all our buildings individually, so we have extensive scope to customise the design to your special requirements.

Can you construct to my own design?

Provided the main component of the building is log, we can build a structure of almost any size within reason, and for a wide range of applications.

Do I need to employ an architect?

In most cases no, which is one of the great advantages of our service. We can build to your architect's design if you have one, or we can provide an optional design service for a fee.

Can you provide a price for my existing architect's plans?

We can provide a budget cost, or a fixed-price quotation if you have full plans approval.

Will you undertake Design & Build contracts?

Yes, subject to the scale and geographical location of the works.

I already have my own builder. Can you supply the superstructure only?

We’ll be happy to work with your own contractors for groundworks and installing services.

Are your buildings constructed to current Building Regulations standards?

Yes. When we receive your order, we’ll submit an application on your behalf, or provide a pack with all the information required to obtain Building Regulations approval.

Can I cover my existing outdoor swimming pool with a Norwegian Log pool enclosure?

Yes, you can in most cases.

Do you provide indoor pool packages with layouts and prices?

Yes. Please contact us for our brochure and price list or click here.

Do you install all over the country?

Over the last 20 years there are probably very few areas that we have not installed a building and we are geared up to work nationwide

I already have my own pool builder. Can you supply the enclosure only?

We’ll be happy to work with your own contractors for groundworks and installing the pool, services, heating and ventilation. We’ll prepare all the working drawings, and on completion of the groundworks we’ll erect your building onto the prepared foundations.

I require a large pool with a spa, sauna, gym and snooker room. Is there any limitation on size?

We manufacture each building individually to your specific requirements, and there are no limitations on size within reason.

Does a pool enclosure require planning permission?

Not if it conforms with Permitted Development, with a pitched roof not more than 4 m high, a gutter line not more than 2.5 m and a ground area not more than 50% of the residential area of the house.

Do I need Planning Permission for a Norwegian Log transportable home?

Yes, unless you already have another form of consent or you intend to site a mobile home within the legal curtilage of the garden, ancillary to the house, behind the building and for the exclusive use of family members. Permission would normally be given in the form of a Certificate of Lawful Development.

Can I replace an existing mobile home with a Norwegian Log transportable home?

Generally yes, provided you have the necessary local authority permissions. We normally recommend seeking a Certificate of Lawful Use. Our transportable log homes conform to The Caravan Act, and we build them to the relevant British Standards. We strongly advise that you check with your local Planning Office before proceeding.

Can I live in a Norwegian Log transportable home all year round?

We manufacture all our transportable homes to the very highest Norwegian standards. They will be cosy in winter and cool in summer, and therefore ideal for year-round use.

Can you suggest a site where I could purchase a Norwegian Log transportable home?

For second homes and holiday homes, please see our holiday homes for sale section. For residential and park homes, we suggest you contact a park of your choice and ask the site owner to supply you directly with a Norwegian Log transportable home.

Can you deliver a Norwegian Log transportable home to a site with restricted access?

Subject to local authority approval, we can deliver to awkward and/or narrow access sites. We have extensive experience of delivering to difficult sites, and will be able to assemble your building on your site and conform to all criteria under The Caravan Act. Please speak to one of our advisors, and discuss your access with us.

What types of heating are available for my transportable home?

The heat sources used for any conventional house are suitable, such as electric heaters, underfloor heating, gas or oil central heating and air- or ground-source heat pumps.

Can I install a wood-burning stove?

Yes. Many of our residential homes have them. Please let us know where you intend fitting it so we can prepare a suitable opening in the roof for the flue.

Can I install solar panels on the roof?

Yes, provided all fittings are appropriately sealed.

Prefer something a little more contemporary?

Inovar is the new contemporary garden room concept from Norwegian Log Buildings. They are garden rooms with a stunning contemporary design and performance – perfect for your home office, gym, studio or music room.