Hydrotherapy Pool Buildings

Effective, comfortable, motivating

Our pool enclosures offer a calm, echo-free environment that builds confidence and encourages successful therapy in comfort.

Low running costs

Effective natural insulation and draught-free construction keep running costs low, and your pool enclosure will have an indefinite lifespan with only minimal maintenance.

Installed quickly and cleanly

Your enclosure can be erected within weeks of ordering, unlike traditional brick construction. And with minimal disturbance to your site.

Working with public bodies

Special needs schools, charities, hospices and other bodies can benefit from our long experience in delivering the hydrotherapy facilities you need.

Effective, comfortable, motivating

Many children and adults find that hydrotherapy helps relieve the pain of rheumatism, arthritis and sporting injuries. With our buildings, you can experience all this in the privacy and convenience of your own pool. Safety and comfort in and around the hydrotherapy pool are vital to maintain confidence and progress. Our buildings, with their natural log insulation and draught-proof construction, are the ideal home for your hydrotherapy pool. The friendly, tactile log surface provides a warm, welcoming and echo-free environment that encourages successful therapy.

Low running costs

Our pool enclosures enable you to enjoy your pool whenever you wish, whether you are installing a new pool or enclosing an existing one. The log's natural insulating properties help you keep running costs down, while the capital cost is highly competitive compared with many other construction techniques. This is making it possible for more and more people to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy. Plus our pool enclosures require only minimal routine maintenance for an indefinite lifespan.

Installed quickly and cleanly

Our pool enclosures are quickly and cleanly installed compared with traditionally constructed brick enclosures. You can be enjoying your pool within a few weeks of ordering, with minimal disturbance.

Working with public bodies

We have co-operated with many special needs schools, charities and hospices on designing hydrotherapy pools to meet specific requirements. Take advantage of our experience and let us help design the facilities that will suit the children and patients in your care.

Most frequently asked questions

Does a pool enclosure require planning permission?

Not if it conforms with Permitted Development, with a pitched roof not more than 4 m high, a gutter line not more than 2.5 m and a ground area not more than 50% of the residential area of the house.

I already have my own pool builder. Can you supply the enclosure only?

We’ll be happy to work with your own contractors for groundworks and installing the pool, services, heating and ventilation. We’ll prepare all the working drawings, and on completion of the groundworks we’ll erect your building onto the prepared foundations.

Do I need to employ an architect?

In most cases no, which is one of the great advantages of our service. We can build to your architect's design if you have one, or we can provide an optional design service for a fee.

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