Distinctive buildings for discerning clients

Consulting rooms

Norwegian Log cabins provide versatile consulting rooms - away from domestic concerns - that are ideal for professionals and practitioners of all kinds. Quiet and cosy, Norwegian Log cabins ensure that your clients will feel comfortable and relaxed, and able to obtain maximum benefit from your services. Norwegian Log manufactures log cabins using a construction system that makes it easy to create the working environment you need, complete with cabling facilities for treatment equipment, etc. In fact, a place to work with a sense of pride and confidence.

Business assets have to work hard, and Norwegian Log consulting rooms are no exception. With Norwegian Log cabins, you can forget the expense, stress and wasted time of commuting, and the expense and commitment involved in leasing and maintaining rented space.

Running costs are low, too, thanks to the solid log's natural insulation plus double-glazing as standard, which give you year-round comfort in your log cabin: cool in summer, cosy in winter.

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Case studies - Treatment rooms / clinics

Quiet, spacious and stylish, Norwegian Log cabins offer a professional setting for treatment rooms and clinics that your clients will appreciate. Working in a Norwegian Log cabin in your garden, you will save time and money on commuting, rent and other costs.


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