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I get the point! Acupuncturist Cristina and her contemporary home clinic

Garden Offices

Working from home

Earley Acupuncture Clinic, which Cristina owns and runs, is now located in Cristina’s back garden in Reading and boasts a fully-fitted, sun-filled treatment room, small waiting area and toilet. Here Cristina offers a full range of acupuncture treatments to help clients suffering from problems such as anxiety and fertility issues through to bad backs and migraines.

Her new treatment clinic seems a million miles away from the studio flat she had used previously. “It wasn’t my space and so I didn’t feel completely at ease,” said Cristina. She knew that building a treatment room in her garden was the solution, and set about Googling garden buildings. “We saw other cabins but this really stood out. When I went to see their show building I just fell in love with it and said to myself ‘This is the one!’,” she said. “I really liked the way you can design the building as you want it. The Norwegian Log team are also incredibly helpful and accommodating and gave me lots of ideas. They were all really lovely which makes such a difference,” she added.

The 6m long garden building, with its 2.5m angled roof, nestles at the side of Cristina’s garden with access from a side garden gate. Finished in Agate Silver, the colour of Cristina’s choice, the solid log-built clinic offers a calm and contemporary setting for clients. “They love the feel of it,” said Cristina. “The smell of the wood, the warmth and the cosiness of the building.”

With no planning permission required, the building was ordered in November, built before Christmas and kitted out and occupied the following month. It has completely changed Cristina’s work/life balance - for all the right reasons.

As a mum of two, Cristina can now go back and forth between the clinic and house with ease. “If I have a cancellation or an hour or two between appointments, I can pop back into the house to do some housework, take a break or go for a walk. I can really make the most of my time. The investment has been really worthwhile, as in the long run, this is now part of our home and we have more space for visiting guests. It will really add value to the property.”

It's warm and it's cosy; it's solid and it's quiet. The fragrance of pine reminds you of Scandinavian forests and summer evenings. Your imagination starts to take you places. You imagine a wood burner, perhaps a desk or why not just some space to think?

Our show home is 31 years old, yet customers still say it looks and feels brand new. That's the quality of our workmanship and the materials. When you step into a Norwegian Log building you're stepping into a feeling and just like our buildings it's one that will last.

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