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Planning Permission and Lawful Development

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At Norwegian Log we understand that expanding your home with a log home or garden annexe often comes with questions and considerations. The first consideration for many of our customers is Planning Permission, do you need it and how can you attain it for your project? We have over 30 years’ experience organising and attaining the correct legislation to bring your project to life. That’s why we’ve curated an in-depth guide that provides you with everything you need to know about Planning Permission for your luxury log home.

Do I need planning permission for my Norwegian Log home?

No, in most circumstances you will not be required to apply for planning permission to have a Norwegian Log home installed in your garden. Although our annexes and log homes will last for generations, they are supplied as a mobile home under planning terms. This means that as long as it is for the exclusive use of a family member and sited within your legal garden, planning permission will not be required. Instead, our expert planning team will secure a Lawful Development Certification from your local authority on your behalf.

If you had planned to have your log home sited outside of your legal garden area, you will be required to apply for Planning Permission. However, it is dependent on the home and garden and how these are defined. In some circumstances it’s possible to use a two-stage process: Legalising the use of the land as a residential garden and then attaining the correct permissions for the annexe. Equally if you had intended to use your log home as a rental property, it’s likely that you will need to attain Planning Permission. However, our team have experienced almost all situations and understand the legislation extremely well. We’ll be able to confidently provide you with the right support and advice for your unique scenario.

What is lawful development?

As mentioned above, for almost all cases your garden annexe won’t need Planning Permission, but you will need a Lawful Development Certificate. This is simply a certification that acts as a legal agreement that states that you don’t need planning permission for your project in your property. The Lawful Development Certificate doesn’t expire and stays with the property into the future. As such the annexe can be sold with the property adding more value to your home.

Norwegian Log’s experienced planning team have applied for and attained Lawful Certificates for countless customers across the country. We’ve worked with the majority of local authorities and have often attained Lawful Development Certificates for our customers living in conservation areas, AONBs and listed properties.

What happens if I can’t get permission?

At Norwegian Log, our expert team are equipped to deal with every single step of your project, from planning, to design, full installation and aftercare. This means we’re highly experienced in attaining the right permissions for your individual project and advising you where necessary. However, in the very rare occurrence that we’re unable to get your Lawful Development Certification, you will receive your full planning fee back, subject to terms and conditions outlined to you at the time of order.

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