Contemporary Garden Buildings

The new log option

Building on our long experience of log technology, we have introduced our own patent-applied British innovation – a whole new look, and a whole step ahead in versatility.

Bi-fold doors

New opportunities for expansive glazing and doors, even entirely glazed walls to bring in more light and open up bigger views.

Opening up exciting new designs

Freedom from right angles at last, enabling you to exploit corners and other unusually shaped sites – and escape the rectangle indoors.

British-made modules

We make Inovar buildings as modules in our own UK factory, saving time not only on importation but also on erection on your site.

The new log option 

This website features our Norwegian Log buildings in classic Scandinavian design. We’ve now taken the best of the Norwegian log construction tradition and transformed its possibilities here in the UK. 

Our new Inovar range offers a different, distinctively contemporary, look. It gives you access to exciting new design options for garden buildings, transportable/mobile homes, classrooms and other buildings.

Bi-fold doors

Our Inovar range features our ingenious and exclusive I-Key joint (patent applied for). I-Key delivers the next generation of log buildings, with large openings enabling bi-fold doors and fully glazed walls.

Opening up exciting new designs

With Inovar, there’s no restriction on angles between walls, so we can design Inovar buildings to make the best use of a corner site, for example.

British-made modules

Our British-made Inovar buildings are manufactured and delivered as modules, saving even more time in construction (site permitting). Read more about Inovar and our unique I-Key joint, our major advance in log technology, Inovar Buildings

Most frequently asked questions

Can you construct to my own design?

Provided the main component of the building is log, we can build a structure of almost any size within reason, and for a wide range of applications.

Do I need to employ an architect?

In most cases no, which is one of the great advantages of our service. We can build to your architect's design if you have one, or we can provide an optional design service for a fee.

Will my Norwegian Log building arrive in one piece or in panels?

We assemble most of our buildings on site log by log, which enables us to access the most awkward sites. We will deliver your building to your site in wrapped packs, which we unload in bulk by forklift or carry as individual logs for ease of access. A walkway down the side of your house or a straight run through your house should be sufficient. We’ll inspect your site to confirm that access is suitable. If there are no restrictions on access, we can pre-assemble some buildings in the factory and deliver them to your site in convenient modules.

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Prefer something a little more contemporary?

Inovar is the new contemporary garden room concept from Norwegian Log Buildings. They are garden rooms with a stunning contemporary design and performance – perfect for your home office, gym, studio or music room.